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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tips On Coloring Your Natural Hair

These tips are from experiences I learned when dying my natural hair.

It’s safe when it comes to dying your hair. You just have to make sure you follow the directions right. If you never dyed your hair before I would go to a professional stylist to get it done. Coloring your hair won’t change your natural textures.
For those that are comfortable dying your own hair and it’s your first time coloring your hair. I would start with temporary dye that has no ammonia and no peroxide, that way it will get you used to coloring your hair. Since the dye is temporary, you would be able to determine if you ever wanted to do it again and it will only last a short time.

Taking care of color treated hair

·        Once a week make sure you deep condition your hair. 
·        Every two days oil your scalp.
·        Drink plenty of water.
·        Use an everyday hair product that will keep your hair moisturized.

The main thing is keeping your hair moisturized. With any chemical you don’t want your hair to dry out, because that will cause breakage.
When you buy hair color, it always tells you to color your hair every 4-6 week to touch it up. For me that is too soon. I color my hair every 3 months or when a lot of my natural hair color is              showing.                                                                                              
My favorite hair color product is “Crème of Nature” and “Clairol Textures and Tones for Women of Color”. 

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