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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Transitioning VS Big Chop

I want to share my experiences with transitioning and big chop. As you read in my “Natural hair journey” post I went natural twice.

Big Chop

When I decided to go natural for the very first time I did the big chop. I had a hard time dealing with my hair, because I wasn’t used to taking care of my natural hair. Having chemicals in your hair for a long time can spoil you. I felt really awkward. When you decide to go natural make sure that you’re ready to do the big chop.


My second round going natural I transition for nine months. I really got used to my new hair texture and I always wear my hair in a protective style. So I didn’t have to deal with my two texture hair (natural & perm). I did plenty of research on caring for natural hair. If you are not confident on doing the big chop, I will transition as long as you want. When you’re ready you can cut the relax ends off. Moisture is the key to keep breakage down.

When you decided to go natural, did you: big chop or transition?


  1. I have not yet decided to start the transition. I like the idea but I am frightened. You just may very well be my inspiration. I am a new follower and I will be checking in to see how it goes. Come by and say hello.

    1. Glad that you are liking the idea to transition. When you are ready to go natural, you will know. Need any tips. Email me: