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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finger Coils with Eco Style Gel Review

When I first started using eco style gel I wasn’t that crazy about it. It made my hair dry and hard. My hair was so flaky; I had to wash my hair all over again. I learned a new technique using eco style gel.  Tried it one day and my hair wasn’t dry nor hard. Here is one way I use the eco style gel. 

I style my hair with coils; this is one of my favorite styles. It last about two weeks, then I usually do a coil out for another week.
I wash my hair and then I did one of my treatments. Rinse my hair out, put leave in conditioner. I don’t shampoo my hair all the time (co- wash). Put one of my favorite oils in my hair. I then parted my hair in 4 sections. Each section I work with I sprayed my hair with water. Then I started coiling my hair using eco style.
The main thing I learned using eco style gel was:
  • Put oil in my hair
  • Spray water on each section
It keeps the moisture in my hair.  It doesn’t allow the gel to make my hair dry, hard or flaky.


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    thanks and keep the good work

    1. Thanx!!! I'm following your blog also.

  2. Hi Shanay, I quite like this style but what exactly do you mean when you say you used coils? Is it a form of a twist you do, or is it something that you physically use in/on your hair?

    1. It's called finger coils. Where you take a little bit of your hair and wrap it around your fingers.